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October 01, 2009


The summet sounds like a great success. I am especially glad the administration is out in front on this leading by example and giving this problem a high profile and that USDOT is taking concrete steps to deal with it with interstate trucking, buses, and school buses. The driving and using cell phone law seems to be working here in California after going into effect in January. But until now only California and a few other states where willing to treat this issue as the serious problem it is. Now we can dare to hope that every state will take concrete steps to deal with it just as they have done with drunk driving. Best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

The Distracted Driving Summit was a great success. A lot of people and a lot of states understand the problem and that something had to be done but they were waiting for leadership to move them forward and this has done that. Some places in the Rocky Mountain West and the Deep South probably won't want to do anything no matter what but they might be persuaded to do something if they found out they could, say, get more federal highway fund money if they did. But this has been great. Thank you and best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

Thanks, Secretary La Hood, for this initiative. Strict enforcement is key. I lived in Chicago (in the President's neighborhood) when a ban on using hand-held cell phones went into effect, but I saw no decrease in the number of times I almost was run down by cell-phone-using drivers. I think the culture of talking or texting while driving will start to change when there's a real risk of getting a stiff ticket for doing so and having one's insurance rates go up.

Crashes caused by distracted driving are exceeding those caused by driving while intoxicated. This summit in Washington comes at a time when the general public needs to be informed about the dangers of texting while driving. We have developed a safety awareness campaign "Drive Now...Text Later". As we present our campaign to each states highway safety department....we encourage our leaders in government to push the ban on text messaging behind the wheel. Through awareness and enforcement we can save lives!

I'm completely on board with the banning of texting while driving. They also need to ban dialing out while driving as well as Officers aren't going to be able to tell the difference. When someone goes to court to fight the ticket then they will have the simple defense of "I was just dialing out".

It is not fair for deaf communties. IF it is banned full time, we will sue as ADA law abuse because They should warn and education to them how to use texting or cell like Do/Don't rule. I agree with school zone because I am uncle who pick my brother's kid weekdays. because My brother use text to me if He need me to get his kid fast as my text is on.. I understand how it get your attention on road but use your wise on road. same thing with kids in back as wild, or change radio channel or crazy driver. we knew that since in drive education class. so if they want change as rule.. I prefer that they put poster at any cell sale place and rail place or anywhere .. I am glad that I have text because I can communciate with my family .. I have 20 deaf in my family and 20 hearing family.. so it is 50/50 for me.. so pls use rule instead banned it fully..

The problem I see is distracted driving is not real to people until they have a close call or an accident. AL lot of people comply with getting had free cell phones, but a lot of people who can't afford it don't really think that it is a problem because they do it all the time and get away with it. Sort of like the "tailgating" problem. It only takes one time to get yourself killed.

I believe we need better education so people get that it is a real problem.

Banning Texting while driving is a good idea. But how are you gonna enforce this. Using a mobile phone whilst driving in the UK is against the law yet everyone still does it as no one can enforce it properly

Banning texting is an absolute must! it is more dangerous thanusing a mobile to talk as you are not actually looking at the road!

The Police need to take this more seriously, and so do drivers!

We already have laws within the UK that its illegal to drive while using your phone. Hands free kids are allowed and the introduction of voice controls through Iphones should be enforced further so people can text speak while driving.

Texting is even more dangerous than simply speaking on the phone as usually two hands will be off the wheel!

The laws in the UK already make this illegal but people still do it.

Hopefully they will learn before something bad really happens.

I still see people texting or using their phones whilst driving and they seem to forget that they are in charge of something that can be a lethal weapon. Hopefully the actions above are getting through to some people and they are aware that driving needs to have 100% of your concentration as anything can happen in a split second.

now a days is easier not to get distracted with the hands off devices, but you always have to be precausios

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