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August 05, 2010


I am looking for a venue that allows me to make suggestions concerning senior safety and accessibility with modern autos. The console in cars can prevent a passenger from taking control when the driver has a heart attack or is otherwise disabled while driving. Power windows don't allow passengers to roll down the window while attempting to escape.

I am a part of the disability community in South Orange County and it is very true that without public transportation the independent living program of the regional center would not work, the community integrated employment program would not work, access to medical and other important services would be greatly restricted. And instead of having an apartment to live in in the community, we would have to settle for staying home with parents, going to group homes and workshops, or going to state developmental centers. It is public transportation that keeps us independent as possible. Best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

Richard: I know this blog is called the "Fast Lane," but as far as I'm concerned you "own the road" when it comes to leadership in accessible transportation issues. I work for the WA State Dept. of Social and Health Services and collaborate with many others in government and the non-profit sector to integrate functional needs support services in emergency plans. We have a long way yet to go, but I'm glad you're there for us. Thank you for your videos showing us the possibilities. Sue Bush

Richard, I don't know if this goes to you, but I hope it does. This is Carole Peterson, your old advocate and co-worker. I was so excited to see what you have accomplished over the years, but I can't say that I am surprised. I would love to talk to you. It has been a long time. I truly hope this goes to you. If it does, please email me at tocaroleann@yahoo.com. I am proud to have had a tiny, small part in your success. You must get sick of hearing it, but you are some kind of wonderful.

Hey Richard, good article. How are things on the east coast?
Hope all is well with you.

Richard, I got something in the mail from DMC addressed to you that was sent to me. do you want it and if so, what is your snail mail address so I can post it in mailbox. Thanks! Sheila Conlon Mentkowski

Hi Richard,

Dana told me you had some info on the enter net and there you were.You still look the same,only a little older & a little heavier...I am older for sure & heavier also.

Look's like you are doing a great job.

Good luck to you.
Dave Bolles, Dana's Dad......

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