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October 27, 2010


Oh and a unnecessary streetcar system in atlanta is a good use of money. Sure....

Such a waste.

RE: Calif Hwy 58 & I-40 in California 10-29-2010

When are the Federal DOT and California going to get together and complete Interstate-40 from Barstow, CA to Calif Hwy 101? (At least to I-5 South of Lost Hill, CA) To me there is no excuse that Calif Hwy 58 shouldn’t become I-40 as it is one of the heaviest truck routes in the country. We are talking about from West of Barstow, through Bakersfield, etc.,
It is not only a good project to help the transportation system in the US but in the long run it would also solve a safety issue for the thousands of OTR trucks that use this route every day - year around.

This is a great idea - let's map all of our discretionary grants via GIS. We could add layers for different years / modes and communities would have an easier time identifying public dollars at work in and around their communities. Let's also make sure it's compatible with map layers at HUD and EPA.

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