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February 28, 2011


The BRT system in Las Vegas will help a great deal to improve overall traffic flow and reduce pollution. Several years ago we went on a trip to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains and stayed just outside of Lone Pine in a hotel on the Piute-Shoshonie Reservation. There is also a great state park close by. We expected that the air would be clear. But there was a haze coming over the mountains from the Nevada side of the state line. So we asked a Park ranger what it was and he told us smog from Las Vegas. BRT in Las Vegas will help clean up the air on both sides of the stateline. Best wishes, Michael E. Bailey.

This is a great news for Nevada. We can't continuously build roads in the Las Vegas city anymore. Transit is the only solution. Hopefully, this project not only ease the traffic, but also create jobs in the state.

Why is that woman in pink dressed for a night out at a groundbreaking?

Any improvement, any innovation in our city, in our community is very much appreciated. Good thing for Las Vegas they will have these bus transits. While the bus service in Nassau are being stopped.

This is great news for las Vegas people.

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