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March 22, 2011


I'd love to bring back our street car system here in Durham, NC.


Thanks for your support of transportation alternatives. In particular, bicycle transportation is a great way to address three big issues facing America: addiction to foreign oil, poor health/obesity, and air quality. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. La Hood,

I am a long time student of rail transit and I would like to see the scholars' reports, particularily any by transportation economists, that you may have in mind when you made these three statements:

"Portland has become a model livable community, a city where public transportation brings housing closer to jobs, schools, and essential services."

"But, by the 1960s, most communities had phased them [streetcars] out--to the great detriment of neighborhoods and downtowns."

"They’re reviving the same neighborhoods they once helped create. They're creating jobs, creating ripple effects that benefit other businesses, and laying the foundation for economic development. And they're helping people get where they need to go."

Frankly, I have never encountered any systematic evidence to support those conclusions.

Links to the articles or papers would be sufficient.

Thank you.

Barry Klein

Houston, Texas

South Florida has Tr-Rail and MetroRail. They’re getting an extension of MetroRail to the Miami Airport. They just bought over $100 million in new locomotives and trains. They got $1 billion to start building a tunnel that is expected to cost a lot more (think Big Dig in Boston). They’re getting millions of dollars for port and train upgrades to include dredging. What are they doing right that we in Central Florida are not besides building more roads? Is it because we’re on the wrong team or are we supposed to be in it together in this nation?

Made in America!
Good for the Enviroment.
Texans oppose it.

Thats all I needed to know, lets make some streetcars!

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