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November 29, 2011


Where is Gov. Perry?

Houston, like many other cities with light rail and subway systems, fosters transportation intermodality by allowing bicycles on its trains. In Houston, as in many other major metropolitan areas, the transit authority has bike racks on its buses.

Two years ago I bicycle toured in Houston and used both its bus system and its light rail metro system. In doing so I was able to extend my touring distance to see all areas of Houston and Harris County.

The Houston Bike Map is a wonderful paper (as well as on line) asset. It was financed with funds from the Transportation Enhancement provisions of the last U. S. Transportation Act. Given the increased number of bicyclists in the U. S. A. The transportation enhancement provisions of the next Transportation Act must have increased funding if we want adult bicyclists to tour throughout the U. S. A. and bicycle safely on our roadways.

Unfortunately, the tourist trolleys in many cities does not have bike racks on their vehicles. This is a foolhardy situation since the number of bicyclists who tour traditional tourist areas with their bicycles, is increasing.
The trolleys (usually buses with a early 20th century trolley on a bus frame) have a round cosmetic "thingy" on the front preventing bike racks from being attached.

There have been plans for light rail links to both of Houston's airports for about a decade. What's their status?

I work for a fence company here in Houston. If it wasn't for the light rail system and buses, I wouldn't be able to make it to my boss's house across town. However, I am building fences because that is all that is available to me in the form of a job. Hopefully the job situation in America gets better soon.

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