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April 05, 2012


great article, some heavyweight quotes and love the picture of the 60s cars in traffic...seems somethings never change!

America runs on cars and trucks, not on donuts! It is a great vision of President Kennedy and Reagan that the Congress needs to administrate today. The American transportation system is good, but it could be better. From public transportation to high ways infrastructure. We need to look at some of the other leading countries in the world such as Germany, France and Japan and adopt some good practices that will benefit the further development of our transportation system. " it's time to put aside partisanship on transportation." just like on anything else in America today.

That's a great quote from JFK in light of the current economic problems being encountered. Here's to hoping that Federal and State governments will continue to make the necessary improvements to infrastructure to keep the nation's economic engine chugging along.

This is very true!
I really love the pictures. We have old pictures of the historic Evansville around here and they are just a amazing to look at.
Now if we could only do something about this gas prices thing. Ya know?

Great article and amazing pictures, we love the car carrier @ first picture.
will link back our blog :-)

Great transportation is great but about the gas prices?

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