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September 04, 2012


Very much appreciate the add campaigne but when the youngest drivers are responsible for the adult content of the message that is a problem. A young Best Friend of an Indycar driver killed my beautiful and talented 18 year old daughter before her High School graduation, pushing to pass at 95-100 miles per hour in a Honda transportation Vehicle and they were both killed. At the time I did not even know that young children raced Indycars,Mazda's or had permission to race without a drivers license and before their High School graduation! Certainy when my dughter buckled her seat belt in she wasn't signing up for an Indy-500 experience. The young man driving was killed also, and now on social media you can see his beautiful sister (Now about 22 years old), who holds on to every word of the racing team with her Vodka bottle and glass. So very tragic. So I am glad to see the youngest drivers taking on this project but it is the adults that we need to hear from, as adults are many things but children are idealistic. "So sorry for your Loss" is becoming a shallow expression among fanatics of racing and Speed where I live. When Kyle Bush is still driving for NASCAR after he was recently arrested for going 128 mph in a 45 mph zone, I am not convinced that the adult racing community is committed to their Public Service Announcements. Children buy M&M's afterall.

Since 2005 I have met hundreds of families' who have been devastated by SPEED and Reckless Driving and so the message of safe driving is certainly a must in racing venues. But the racing community is only sanctioned for PRIVATE property and not Public Roads I was told; and so pushing the boundaries onto man-made street courses in the middle of major American cities is sending out another message and that is "do what we say, not what we do." It is also sad to see that the youngest in these groups of racers are often the most mature as they grow older they are addicted not only to SPEED and the Fast life-style that there racing owners have aquired. Also the adolescent Hormones and Speed mixture are just a disaster waiting to happen. Nice photo-Opp but the packaging and marketing of speed and racing to our youngest drivers is not appreciated.

Also, since most racing drivers usually have only a High School education with a GED K-12 certification, it is innapropriate to bill them out as Child Development Specialists when the adults in the group have all graduated to Adult Entertainment. Many of these children are speaking a good message, but we want to hear from the adults in the group; since they are known for saying things like "If you are in control, you are driving to slow." ETC.

RIP Emily Jasmine
RIP William
RIP Brian Wentworth
RIP Gabby Maier
RIP David Yassa
RIP Shawn Braodus
RIP Cameron Bierberle
RIP ALL of those children who have been killed on the race-coast for reckless driving and speed. We will never forget.

My family knows all too well the impact that distracted driving can have on a family and its future - or lack of it. My youngest son was riding his bicycle up and down our driveway and was struck and killed by a speeding car that was driven by a 17 year old who was also texting on his brand new phone. Our future has been ripped apart and and dreams have been squelched. I am sure that this young man (if he has any kind of conscience) is living with a nightmare most days.... all because of some very poor decisions that could have easily been avoided. But now we have "The Empty Chair".
Why is it that everyday citizens of the community can get their Insurance dropped with a few high risk tickets and yet Kyle Bush and several others are still on the road. I do not believe that sets a very good example for our young folks that are new to their driving experience. We need adults to set the example and then the young folks will try to follow.

In Loving Memory of all the Homicide victims
"Gone Too Soon"

Simple and straight to the point... powerful video. :( I can see them adding different scenarios to it for the end also. :( I wish all racing teams would get on board as Mazda Motorsports team has. Maybe they can do a series of vids why the TRACK is the ONLY place for speed also using the simple fact that REAL race car drivers are focused on their driving at all times while doing what they love and have safety devices and cars built to endure any wreck that may occur. Keep speed on the track only...and text only when NOT driving! BUT All that is fine except kids do NOT really listen to other kids ...kids idolize race car drivers...and will continue to try to be like them ON THE streets as well as the track. UNLESS racers like Kyle Bush are held accountable (LOSE their RIDE, LICENSE and future of being a professional) because of their off track recklessness and ride to die attitude and OTHER drivers join the cause to stop speeding and texting on the streets BY example and voicing it publicly as well, then it will NOT be a futile awareness campaign IMO. DRIVE SAFELY...NO EXCUSES!!!

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