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November 20, 2012


This is good but do you ever think there may be another way to travel?
Check with me on the new monorail, RRO.

Will Clift ME

Ray LaHood visited the factory where I work in Oct., handing out millions Ray didn't. Ck to see how many millions are wasted!

Running on 1980s technology at best we waste $30, 000 a day on just one contract, state funds for training that doesn't exist, Bush/Obama stimulus, and Tiger grants?

Fiscal cliff Ray, how about a little oversight?

I've been working in factories since I was 17 graduated middle of my senior year, forklift, overhead crane, assembly, welding, dyno, middle management, ASE certified mechanic 12 years 10 years driving truck, 4 years freight broker and Ray LaHood was a school teacher turned politician!

Who knows more about manufacturing, transportation, and infrastructure?

I like the way that the country is moving right now. Though I expect that Mr. Lahood will move onto other things in January, he's done a great job thus far. I hope that he will continue his work and bring us more good news about the state of our transportation infrastructure. Remember, Mr. Lahood, that many industries, and better yet, the livelihood many citizens depend on you and your Department's oversight of our national transportation.

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